From the airport, go to the right (toward the north-west direction) along the prefectural road. After you pass the drugstore "Mori" (or "DoraMori"), enter the road just before the home center "Some's" toward the mountains. After you pass the coffee shop "Jurin" and the following woods, you will see an orange-colored house at the hill on your left. You can find a sign board reading "Orange House" on the way. The cottage is the gray-colored building next to the orange-colored house. It will take 12 to 14 minutes of walk from the airport.

From the ports of Miyanoura and Anbo where high speed jetfoil boats and car ferries arrive, it takes approximately 15 minutes by car. You can use a route bus, a taxi, or a rental car to get to the cottage. If you take a route bus, get off at the "Nagamine Kita" stop in front of "Some's". If you are using a rental car, it is recommended to make a resevation in advance.


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Although we have no pick-up service, please do not hesitate to call us if you have got a trouble at the airport or the near-by bus stops.

Area Information

There are shops and restaurants within a walking distance from the cottage. This area is a relatively conveniant place to live within the island of Yakushima.


Transportation In The Island

By using the route bus service, you can go to any village in the island and to the gates of major trekking courses. However, the number of buses is limited and we recommend to rent a car for those who would like to enjoy the stay in the island efficiently. There are various rental car shops around the airport and they deliver your car to the airport or the sea port when you arrive at the island. The cottage has a dedicated parking space for the guests and if requested, we can make a reservation for you at the most recommended shop with a reasonable price and with a discount for the guests of the Orange House. Please note that to rent a car, you have to carry a valid driver's license such as an international license issued by your country (see International Driver's License Required in Japan for details). There are some taxis waiting at the airport and the sea ports but it is difficult to catch a taxi in other places. You have to phone a taxi company to arrange a taxi.

Additional Information for Foreign Guests

You can find useful information such as maps and bus time tables at the Tourist Information page.

If you have a difficulty in booking high-speed boats to/from Yakushima, try this English page.

If you are interested in sea turtle observation tour (from 8pm to 11pm, every day in May, June, and July), visit the Turtle Liaison Council for reservation.

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